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Ancient Urn

our Y is purposed

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

— Maya Angelou

Our narrative preservation through art, research, and design is our dedication towards anti-human erasure. We understand that there are systemic frameworks created to hinder human connection. Through our work we strategically create, consult, and collaborate to restore belonging. By doing such we dismantle systemic barriers across sectors and divides.  




We trust that people-centered storytelling begins with a voice that should not be silenced or colonized, because that singular spark of expression is interwoven to a larger, clarifying communication and context. 

We choose never to curate solely; our co-curated artistry is informed by actively listening to our past, lived experiences, and aspirations for transformative futures. While we engage our clients and community by seeking understanding, the dominant narrative is not superimposed by institutions, rather syncopated with collective social good in mind and honor of culture intact.



Through sharing, reclaiming, diversifying, and exploring space, we consider the intersections of art and public health. We illuminate solutions that combat scarcity and our work is directly connected to advocacy, with an emphasis regarding the racial wealth gap and community-driven education.


All of our handmade artwork is original and distinctively intentional about handling each form of art and human story attached with courage and care. 

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