Born on the cusp of the Great Depression with 10 years between 2 sisters Elszerene & Olist. 

Louisville native , artist, Marlesha S. Woods is the grand daughter & great neice of these pioneering women, that inspire her desire to share narratives. Elsz & O Storytelling Gallery was established Feb. 24, 2021 commemorating her gransdmothers 95th birthday and launched on March 12th on the 105th year of her aunt. 

Elsz enjoyed crafting, fiber arts, quilting, crocheting and sewing. While, O was a visual artist, educator, curator, and storyteller. She was the oldest child born to George and Tommie Bell Toliver [Toliferro]. 

Through art, research & design we offer services that uplift narratives that are often lost. We don't want to tell your story, we want to paint it. 

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Care & Courage - marlesha