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Elsz & O integrates niche business solutions that diversify and reimagine cultural landscapes, corporate ventures, and non-profit sustainability. Our implementation methods  include developing community ecosystems of learning, creating, and growing through visual art installations, racial equity consultations, keynote speaking, and community engagement. We uplift personhood and production that navigates systems-thinking from start to project completion. We welcome our collaborators to feel no need to "code switch" while we collectively move the needle forward. 

our whole commitment to achieve our whole goals requires our whole selves




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Thank you so much for your presentation. You helped us achieve the biggest, most diverse, most successful GIS Day to date! We are honored to have your work leading the way in our community and we look forward to many more collaborations!


In deep gratitude...

DJ Biddle

Director, Center for Geographic Information Sciences

Laura Krauser

GIS Research Coordinator of the Center for GIS

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY



You all were wonderful. Thanks for your thoughtful, challenging & eloquent insights, views and statements.


Pam Platt

Panel Discussion in Collaboration with

Duckworks Inc. Production 
Morgan Atkinson , Filmmaker

Louisville, KY

Close Up on Eyes


This is absolutely gorgeous...

Thank you Marlesha for including me. It's special and

I am honored to work with you.

Anita Palmer / GIS ETC

In Collaboration with

National Geographic Society

& 2892 Miles to Go

Washington, D.C.

Louisville, KY

We would once again like to thank you for your continued support & dedication to making our event last night a success. The conversation that you created was both amazing & necessary for many of the students in attendance. 


In terms of feedback, we want to emphasize that we were very satisfied with your involvement in the event.

Your contribution of marketing materials was extremely helpful in our effort to introduce you to our attendees before and during the event. Your speech was engaging & informative, and you did an amazing job of guiding the Q+A portion to encourage more thought from the students. 

Moyo Olayemi

Equality and Justice Committee Co-director

University of Louisville - Engage Lead Serve Board

Louisville, KY


What a great night it was at the George J Howe Red Barn starring our fabulous guest speaker Marlesha Woods! She gave us an enlightening speech that left us pondering about how art is heavily involved in everyone's lives. 

Society of Porter Scholars - University of Louisville 

Louisville, KY


Paint Cans

 Your art is SO beautiful. I'm sure I've said that before, but it is.


Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Associate Producer of "In Conversation" talk show| WFPL

Louisville, KY

Terrific! I truly appreciate you taking the time & raising consciousness on Forward Radio!

I look forward to hosting more conversations like this!

Dr. Justin Mog

Sustainability Now - Forward Radio

Louisville, KY


You are AMAZING!

Josh Poe

Co-Principal Investigator

Root Cause Research Center

Louisville, KY



Marlesha is dropping FACTS in our Counterculture issue!


Louisville, KY

Thanks so much for this beautiful contribution. So much of what you wrote resonates with me and I'm sure it will with other readers. 

Gervais Marsh


Ruckus Journal

Louisville, KY

I can't thank you enough for making the program so meaningful in Louisville!


Afnan Rashid

Vice President

Neighborhood Associates Corporation

Washington, D.C.

Louisville, KY

teaching artist

...Thank you for leading our Patch Parents meeting last night. The parents really enjoyed the art project, and it was so nice to see families working together on art and spending time together.  We appreciate all the work you put into preparing the activity/project.


Rev.Calvin Calloway 

Manager, Counseling and

Family Development

Doug Holm

Cabbage Patch Settlement House

Louisville, KY

program developer

Thank you for helping to bring such a meaningful conversation to KMAC. I've not only learned a lot... about issues related to medical and racial injustice that are crucial for us to hear and work through. Your critical eye & voice were vital to the program. I really appreciated the entire vision for the event. 

You are a very good speaker and I'm glad we got the chance to work together

Joey Yates

Curatorial Director | KMAC Museum

Louisville, KY

Clapping Audience

Wonderful event!

Kenya Wade

The panel was magnificent. So blessed!!Thank you Marlesha. It was a wonderful event. Grandmother Campbell has a Voice now. You are such a blessing to the world...This is so powerful!

Marlesha is such a fantastic Soul.


Dr. Renee Campbell



It was a great event. I hope to see more that address this important issue.

Kentucky Foundation for Women

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak out and - more importantly - to listen

Marcie Timmerman, MHA

Out of the Void: Panel Discussion Honoring Mrs. Ada Doss Campbell

Louisville, KY


People in Park

I’m so grateful for all you’ve done in keeping us moving forward…We are thankful for your time and helpful feedback on how the organization can grow & develop.


You were brilliant.




Dr. Crystal Cullerton-Sen 

Founder & Director

The Compassion Museum

Minneapolis, MN - Twin Cities


we serve with 

care, courage

& gratitude

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