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Wearable Art

For seven consecutive years wearable art has been designed in honor of the Champion and iconic Humanitarian, Muhammad Ali.  These designs were exclusively available at the award-winning Muhammad Ali Center and were acquired by Kentucky natives, global citizens and most graciously by
Co-Founder and Vice Chair of Muhammad Ali Center, Mrs.
 Lonnie Ali.

Each design was created through slow-design principles to ensure that limited edition apparel made from fine modal would be shared into the world: with consideration to the environment, psychology of color symbolically representing Ali's values, and originality of each hand painted and mixed media sculpted work of art, that was thereafter translated and produced in meticulous quantities to support the institutions' mission and provide contemporary art in its truest form. 

The legacy of Ali will continue to be preserved through implementation of his six core principles:
respect, dedication, giving, spirituality, confidence, & convicti
on, all attributes that the artist holds dear.

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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”
- Muhammad Ali




so. FLY


I’m also extremely grateful to Marlesha Woods... for the opportunity to exhibit my artwork, and share my story. There are so many people like me that have had their dreams suffocated by their circumstances. Her cause-driven initiative...will change many lives.- Shakia Harris

Be Great. Do Great Things.

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