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nuestra forma de diseño

arte original

Original Artistry

de inspiración única

Uniquely Inspired

apoyando a las comunidades globales

Supporting Global Communities

de origen ético

Ethically Sourced

socialmente responsable

Socially Responsible

culturalmente fluido

Culturally Fluent


y escalable

Customized & Scalable

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Artist Insight

“My grandma recently talked to me about this painting the other day. She laughed and said it transported her back to the past making her simple life seem important. Then she opened up about the discrimination she faced and the challenges of moving into Mexico City coming from an indigenous background. What she described was hard to listen too but in the end she assured me that she doesnt regret anything and that no matter what, stay resilient, find the good in life and how she is very proud of me and my paintings.
- Manuel Hernandez Sanchez

#indigenouspeoplesday #everyday

Manuel Studio 3.PNG
Manuel Grandmother.PNG
Paint Tubes

el autorretrato

Manuel Studio2.PNG
Manuel Studio.PNG

la familia

Paint Tubes
Paint Tubes
Art Supplies

de las manos de mis antepasados
from my ancestors hands

Pattern Rug

Artist Insight

Seeing the ruins and sculptures that my ancestors left behind give me goosebumps.

- Manuel Hernandez Sanchez

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